Monday, December 27, 2010

The early days

This pic was taken at what is now known as Cow Bay in 1927. The three Mason brothers had formed a company called Almason with a partner in Brisbane and were developing a large farm near Bailey Creek. Pictured is Ron, Joy, Don (uncles to Lawrence Mason) and Elsie and Andy Mason (Granparents to Lawrence Mason). Joy is the only one still alive and lives in Townsville.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks for the help Cassowary

It is always great to see results. This photo was taken in a area of our land that was once grassed for cattle. Over the years we have allowed to to naturally regenerate, and are now actively revegetating it. On one of my last inspections I was pleased to see a Cassowary there, and the pic below shows the evidence! The dropping is full of seeds noticeably Noah's Walnut, contributing even more to the revegetation...

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Landcruiser for Sale

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For Sale - $22,990.00 ONO

Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series Standard 2001

(many extras)

• Bullbar

• Winch

• Full length Alloy Roof Rack

• Opposite Lock Rear Bar and Tyre Carrier

• 2 Spares

• Tow Bar

• Air-conditioning

• Snorkel

• Split fold seat in centre row

• Fixed 3 seater in cargo area (seats 9 total)

• Air suspension in rear coils

• Onboard Air Compressor

• Upgraded suspension and shocks

• Radiator Screen (prevents damage during water crossings)
• Low water alarm
• 6 Cooper STT Tyres on split rims

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Planning a new Daywalk

Over the last month, we have been using our spare time designing a new 1/2 Day Walk. A small hill at the back of our property looked like it might yield a view, and we actually found two of them!
We have now found a workable track down off the ridge, and the next step is to plan the rest of the walk!

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Revegetation of VDEC area begins

We have just started to reveg a three hectare area adjacent to the site of our proposed rainforest centre, the process begins with killing the weeds and grass that prevents the natural regeneration (see picture). The site has been allowed to naturally regenerate over the past ten years and we have now signed a Voluntary Declaration (VDEC) over it and plan to have it fully reveged over the next 15 years. The VDEC is our way of compensating for any potential damage done by the construction of boardwalks along Myall Creek.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cape Trib Road to be all weather

Cooper Creek Causeway 'over' after rain...take a close look because after this year it will be a thing of the past! The Cairns Regional Council are currently calling tenders for the construction of high level causeways over both Cooper and Mason Creeks. This will mean that the road all the way to Cape Trib Beach House more or less all-weather. This work is long overdue, and will mean that the last real excuse not to visit Cape Trib in the wet when the forest is at it's best is removed. See you next Green Season! Mason's Tours on Facebook

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Green Season

On the night of Saturday 20th 2010, Cape Tribulation recieved 256mm of rain, or about 10 inches in the old money. This is entirely normal for this time of the year, and not a really big fall. Our record for a day, set in 1981, is 818mm, or about 33 inches

In fact the road was open again at about 4pm, despite one remaining low level causeway at Cooper Creek. This causeway will be raised this year, and make the road nearly an all weather prospect.

The photo shows Woobadda River on the Bloomfield Track north of Cape Tribulation, with one of Mason's Tours's 4WDs crossing after rain.
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